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Improves blood flow + increases collagen production & skin elasticity

Jade facial rollers have been around since ancient times, dating all the way back to before the 7th century when they were used by empresses and members of high society in China. Jade is known as the stone of beauty and eternal youth in Chinese culture, and rolling it across your skin moves stagnant Qi (energy) and toxins, stimulates blood circulation, and increases the proportion of elastin and collagen in your skin. Beauty experts recommend keeping your jade roller in the fridge to reap max skin tightening benefits, and the added cooling factor perks you right up in the morning. Up and at ’em.

Relieves facial muscles + makes your beauty products work better

Our facial muscles store a lot of tension. This tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. Massaging your face with a jade roller instantly helps to iron out these kinks, especially along your brow and jawline — so you’re not just immediately giving your skin a boost, but also preventing wrinkles down the line (at a much lower price tag than baby botox).

A jade roller can help to reduce common flair ups and headaches caused by TMJ, too. The stone allows for deep pressure that relieves muscle tension in and around the jaw, without slipping off the muscles that cause locking and misalignment.

Also, using a jade roller in conjunction with your other beauty products can actually make them work better. Start by cleansing your face, then, apply a facial oil or serum, grab your jade from the fridge, and start rolling. The tool helps your facial products penetrate deeper into your skin, rather than sitting on top of its outermost layer.

Detoxifies the body by stimulating lymphatic drainage

The gentle massaging motion stimulates the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage throughout your face. According to this beauty expert, “Stimulating the lymphatic system cleanses the body of stagnant waste products, pathogens, and debris at a cellular level. It helps in the reduction of swelling, regenerates tissues caused by burning and scarring, and reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, allergies, acne, and other conditions.”

Think of the lymphatic system as the inner toilet system of your body — it is responsible for picking up practically all the body’s wastes as well as viruses and bacteria, which it transports to the lymph nodes to be broken down by immune cells. Sometimes due to injury, illness, physical inactivity or tension, the lymphatic system can get overwhelmed and backlogged, which can lead to immune problems, brain fog, achiness, or swelling. The jade roller helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and get your bodily fluids moving in all the right directions.

Exit: toxins and waste. Enter: glowing complexion and healthy skin.

Prevents fluid retention and decreases puffy under eyes

Jennifer Stoeckert, holistic facialist and creator of Minimal Beauty, says, "Jade rollers are great for puffiness and redness. The jade stone is cool to the touch, which can be soothing on the skin. It can help calm and even out your complexion, too,” she says. These experts agree. “Jade rollers can make your skin noticeably less puffy, which helps to define your cheekbones, jawline, and brows."

Allows your body to rest and your cells to regenerate

Metaphysically, jade has long been associated with peace and harmony, and is known to help reduce stress. The relaxing properties of using a jade roller could indirectly prevent acne and help breakouts too, according to this expert dermatologist.

What did Meghan Markle use the day before the wedding?

“The day before the wedding is the time where you want to be really gentle with your skin and use only simple, nourishing products, like a hydrating mask, a soft massage, and a cryo treatment,” says Joss. If you don’t have professional cryotherapy equipment, though, Joss recommends sticking a jade roller in the freezer for an hour, then rolling it outwards and upwards over your skin to reduce puffiness and brighten the skin.

So now you know the secret behind the magical glowy Meghan Markle look - a jade roller massage the night before the big day!


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